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Draft v0.2

Available in Change Set 71511.

  • define document for circuit/diagram editor
  • simple xml format

  • "circuit" name is too specific; should be "diagram" or something general
  • "nid", "bid", "eid" should be simplified - just "id"
  • "element" has no type defined

  <node nid="1" x="589.5" y="128" label="" />
  <node nid="2" x="589.5" y="230" />
  <node nid="3" x="719.5" y="118" />
  <branch bid="abc" start="" stop="" label="" element="" />
  <element eid="1" x="590" y="180" a="0" label="" value="" />
  <element eid="2" x="720" y="170" a="0" label="" value="" />
  <element eid="3" x="840" y="190" a="0" label="" value="" />

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